The manor was built in 1890 in a domain of 4200 square meters, known as "Terre du Petit Château" with a garden park which includes some annexes, such as an orangerie, an atelier and a towered garden house. The original manor was extended in 1925 and got the outlook of a little castle. The inner decoration shows us Art Nouveau and Art Deco style features. The original park with both a pleasure and a vegetable garden, still conserved by means of steel border on the ground, has been transformed into a park with three separate gardens; an English one, a French one and a classic one with some remarkable ancient statues, garden decorations with fauns, calyxes and arcades in freestone.

Furthermore the park possesses a number of age-old indegenous and exotic trees, pines, bushes and plants. The first owner was apparently so entchanted by the elm trees that he baptized his domain l'Ormille (a spring of a young elm). Being one of the Open Gardens of Belgium, it can be visited by appointment from May to October and particularly during the open garden weekends.

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